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Thank You for an Amazing Birthday Date: Nov 12th @ 8:51pm EST
After a rocky start with the technical issues I wasn't sure if I would get online at all and cried. But after pulling myself together I was able to get online and have the amazing party I had planned. If you want to see me do something very dirty with a strawberry cream cake then you should watch the VOD.

I am forever grateful to the amazing fans I have who always help me so generously and always want to make me smile. I also need any new members who are just starting to like me to help me maintain the high position here at Flirt4Free that I have worked hard for. There are a lot more models to compete with now so I really need Team Chloey to stay strong.

I am nearly at my 5 million credit level and this would be the most amazing achievement for me. I need all your support to achieve my dream.
It’s my birthday Thursday November 11th Date: Oct 16th @ 5:19pm EDT
Save some credits and join me for a sexy cake smash.
I am now online Tuesday and Thursday evenings Date: Oct 16th @ 5:10pm EDT
Don't forget to join my award winning Fan Club so you don't miss out on any of my Members Only shows. You will also get exclusive access to all my videos and photos!

I have had so much fun back online with you all and I appreciate all your support.
Chloey Thursday Date: Jul 26th @ 12:31am EDT
Thursday. Save this evening in your diary. Cancel all your other plans. Come and spend the night with me. If you spoil me with tips or take me into a private show we can have some real fun.
So nice to be back Date: Jul 24th @ 5:11am EDT
I logged on here for the first time in over a year. I have missed you so much and I am happy to say that I am now back every Thursday night EST so keep an eye out and save some credits for me so we can play. You can email me any time on here if you would like to find out more. C x
2021 Whats New? Date: Mar 18th @ 12:48am EDT
Hi everyone.

I am so happy to say that I am half back. By this I mean I am starting to upload new videos to my bio and beginning to make contact with you all again after what feels like forever. I will be camming again soon but I have a few things to organise first.

So what is new?! I have updated my Fan Club Page and given it a more grown up feel. I have also uploaded a new Video that wonât be available unless you join.

I have missed you all so much and look forward to new beginnings
Wow #1 Fan Club for the Year so far.... Date: Nov 8th @ 12:34am EST
I never imagined that I could be online so little but still touch your hearts in such a big way. At present I am #1 Most Popular Fan Club so far for the year. I need all support and love more than ever now to help me achieve something to be proud of.

I am giving away 10 free pvt minutes and 1 raffle ticket for each join so donât miss out!
I have been chosen by Kiiroo to test out new toys Date: Dec 17th @ 1:00am EST
Kiiroo sent me a package containing some really exciting new toys. The new Esca 2 is not released until 2019 and I have one of only 10 made. It sits comfortably inside my pussy and vibrates when you tip me.

They also sent me the Fuse vibrating Dildo which can be used interactively with your onyx so we can feel each other. Or it can just be Tip controlled for use in party chat. How exciting is that? A tip controlled Dildo!!

I cant wait to have fun with you and take it to the next level.

My Fan Club is #9 for FOTY 2018 Date: Nov 13th @ 5:05pm EST
All My Sexy Costumes Date: Nov 13th @ 5:02pm EST
Do you want to dress me up for a private show? Here is a list of my costumes. 100 credits tip for the effort of getting changed would be most appreciated.

New costumes!! Sexy mermaid, Go go race girl.

Maid, Nurse, Secretary, Teacher, Arabian Princess, Snow White, Dominatrix, Cat Woman, School Girl, Yoga Queen, Slut, Princess.

If you have any requests I will try and make it happen for you. I am always updating my collection so there could be more sexy costumes soon.

The best part about joining is that you gain exclusive access to my Members Only LIVE Shows which happen every time I am online. Members also get unlimited access to all my XRated HOT videos and pictures for a month. Thanks for your support x