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Small Penis Humiliation Date: Sep 8th @ 12:55am EDT
Friday 7th September Date: Sep 7th @ 1:07am EDT
I now have my home to myself again with just my room mates. Its been a huge 3 weeks and I needed to wind down. I was so desperate for orgasms that as soon as I got a little time for myself I decided to finger my sweet wet little pussy and relax. My juices were flowing really quickly and I was giving myself a hardcore finger fuck before I knew it. I must have needed it more than I thought because I came so hard and for ages. Amazing solo experience.

After that relaxation I was very hot and sweaty but I still needed to clean the house, so I decided to do it naked. I have just finished a nice cool shower and now it�s time to go back to my other world. Xxx
Sunday 2nd September Date: Sep 4th @ 3:46am EDT
Wow I dont even know where to start about tonight. My pussy is still throbbing. I had a huge cum marathon. Before I start I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took me private and tipped me tonight. I made a lot of credits and was only a few places away from getting a Top 15 spot in the promo even though I was only able to be online for 4.5 hrs before it ended. What an amazing result. I couldnt be happier.

The first gentleman to take me into a private show decided to help me cum faster by tipping me through my OhMiBod to vibrate my pussy to pure pleasure, this was a very nice surprise and I managed to cum quite quickly with the extra buzz.
RATING 2.5 Stars

The second gentleman wanted me to show him what a slut I can be. He loved me dirty talking and telling him about my lesbian experiences and asking what stuff I have done in real life. We were having a really good dirty conversation while we fucked in all different positions, he let me cum a few times. When he knew he was about to cum he wanted to fuck my face. I dont think I have ever got a cock so far down my throat, I was just so horny and in the moment and relaxed after cumming that it just happened. My eyes were streaming, I could hardly see the screen and I was giving him a good sloppy BJ.
RATING 3.5 Stars

After all that, a dear friend and fan club member took me into another show and I had another good work out on his cock. As always he is totally focused on just my pleasure and I always have the most intense orgasms, I think I broke my cum record tonight! He spoiled me even more by tipping me continuous 100 credit tips for even more of my pleasure, I am so lucky to have u babe, you know who you are!

Rating 4.5 Stars

Thanks to mainly for joining my Fan Club again and thanks to the dr for the awesome tip flood! Also thanks to others who I dont know so well but who are getting involved and tipping, power boosting and supporting me! Xx
Wednesday 29th August Date: Sep 2nd @ 3:35am EDT
Not too much to write about tonight, I was only able to get online for 2.5 hours. Luckily I still had a lot of fun. As always my Fan Club members helped me and someone rejoined, which always makes me extremely happy. To say thanks I took all my Fan Club members into an exclusive show and let them stretch out my ass with their dick.

Afterwards an old friend called me on the flirt phone and then took me into a private show, he loves me wearing my office outfit with black panty hose. As we were getting to it he begged me to rip the crotch open, I wasnât wearing panties so now Iâm fully dressed with just my pussy showing through the rip, as I rip more he enters me and we both get our rhythm until he cums in me.
RATING 2 Stars
Sunday 26th August Date: Aug 28th @ 3:17am EDT
Tonight was another AMAZING night! I mainly spent it with one man who is a very dear friend to me. He totally blew my mind by treating me to some hands free orgasms in party chat. He kept dropping 100 after 100 and building up my pleasure until tips filled the screen and I couldnât help but explode with extacy.. more than once. It continues...
After that he took me off into a private show and completely filled me and as always is totally focused on MY pleasure. He is such a giver and knows how to make a lady smile in all ways. We spent an hour making hot sweet love and by the end I felt totally satisfied and fulfilled. I needed that more than you know.

RATING 4.5 Stars
Wednesday 22nd August Date: Aug 23rd @ 4:36am EDT
Tonight was so good I am still smiling about it. A very busy night for me! It started off with a short private show, I sucked his dick then he fucked me doggy style until he came in me. I got very wet but didnât cum. I came back to free chat ready to roll and special friend of mine (who always has the BEST timing) gave me a very special gift, enough credits through my OhMiBod to make me CUM HARD! Omg! I didnât have time to undress or position myself or even press the party chat button, he just took over my body with complete pleasure and made me explode. RATING 3.5 Stars

Another special friend of mine won one of my competitions last week, he was the highest tipper of the day and won some hitachi teasing then a 1/2 price private. He used it tonight and decided to fill up both my holes deep. He gave me the time to let go and we both came together. Mmmm Rating 3.5 Stars

I met a new guy tonight who I took an instant liking to, he was drunk so I told him he needs to fuck me, being drunk is the best for fucking and getting lost in the moment with lower inhibitions. He was totally into it and took my lead. He ended up giving me a good going over, I was riding his cock hard trying to pull the cum out of it with my pussy muscles. Legs up hardcore fucking. I had time to cum and cum... He kept extending his time to fuck me for longer. Thatâs my kind of guy! RATING 4 Stars

I am also very grateful to everyone else who took me into a private show or tipped me. It was a really great night.
Sunday 19th August Date: Aug 20th @ 2:10am EDT
I was LIVE on CAM tonight. I have had a week off due to visitors so I was so horny and ready to cum.

It made me so happy tonight to see lots of different and new people Tip me and show appreciation. As usual my Fan Club members made sure I had a good night. Thanks to all of you.

A very special friend of mine returned tonight, He swept me away into a private show. He kissed me and caressed my breasts and he could feel the wetness of my pussy soaking through my panties. He went down and licked and sucked and tongue fucked my Pussy until i couldn't stand it any more, We had to have each other and we fucked passionately for about an hour. I had so many orgasms my pussy was buzzing on its own. I feel like he managed to get every last drop of cum out of me and he made me feel amazing. A gentle man who Tips and knows how to fuck.. mmm

RATING 4.5 Stars
Sunday 12th August Date: Aug 13th @ 1:44am EDT
I was LIVE on CAM tonight. It is morning time for me when I log on. I had a busy morning as usual and quickly threw on some sexy clothes on got on cam.
During my 1st show of the night I was asked to take on a character and show off my body. As I got more naked I realised I had my stripy granny panties on and was trying to think of ways to discreetly take them off.. he suddenly turned his cam on and was masturbating with a pair of stripy granny panties around his dick... he LOVES them..I took my shorts off and paraded my panties and made his day!

I had quite a few shows tonight but they were quite short. I had to go into a Fan Club show so I could give it to myself! Luckily I had a new member join me, so I sucked his dick after I came. All in all a fun night even though it got cut short!

I will not be on cam on Wednesday night as I will be spending time with family. I am always around to contact via email, flirt phone, Snapchat or twitter. Donât be a stranger!

Life of a Cam Model continues.. Date: Aug 11th @ 4:37am EDT
Tonight I met up with a special friend that I used to dance for, he still likes to see me for an hour bi-weekly. He knows me prior to Flirt4Free so the rules are a bit different. He pays me to dance and look at my naked body but can not touch me. He pays me 1st so we can get the formalities out the way before I take on the character he LOVES. A maid! I take my own proper cleaning equipment so I can actually work up a real sweat while helping him clean his apartment. He likes to throw things on the floor for me to pick up (usually $10 notes) he is such a messy boy and I spend the whole hour getting hotter and hotter, more and more naked cleaning up his mess!
Nice Tip, no orgasm.
RATING 2 Stars
Friday 10th August Date: Aug 9th @ 11:38pm EDT
I am not on cam today but I received a flirt phone call. Someone heard about my new ratings system and wanted to try it out.

He jumped on me straight away and put his hand up my skirt and kissed me passionately, he entered me right after and fucked me against the wall and came quite quickly.

RATING - 1 star

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