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Wow #1 Fan Club for the Year so far.... Date: Nov 8th @ 12:34am EST
I never imagined that I could be online so little but still touch your hearts in such a big way. At present I am #1 Most Popular Fan Club so far for the year. I need all support and love more than ever now to help me achieve something to be proud of.

I am giving away 10 free pvt minutes and 1 raffle ticket for each join so donât miss out!
I have been chosen by Kiiroo to test out new toys Date: Dec 17th @ 1:00am EST
Kiiroo sent me a package containing some really exciting new toys. The new Esca 2 is not released until 2019 and I have one of only 10 made. It sits comfortably inside my pussy and vibrates when you tip me.

They also sent me the Fuse vibrating Dildo which can be used interactively with your onyx so we can feel each other. Or it can just be Tip controlled for use in party chat. How exciting is that? A tip controlled Dildo!!

I cant wait to have fun with you and take it to the next level.

My Fan Club is #9 for FOTY 2018 Date: Nov 13th @ 5:05pm EST
All My Sexy Costumes Date: Nov 13th @ 5:02pm EST
Do you want to dress me up for a private show? Here is a list of my costumes. 100 credits tip for the effort of getting changed would be most appreciated.

New costumes!! Sexy mermaid, Go go race girl.

Maid, Nurse, Secretary, Teacher, Arabian Princess, Snow White, Dominatrix, Cat Woman, School Girl, Yoga Queen, Slut, Princess.

If you have any requests I will try and make it happen for you. I am always updating my collection so there could be more sexy costumes soon.
Fan Club Date: Sep 27th @ 4:48am EDT
My Fan Club really is the place to be. I have been spending a lot of time in Members Only Party lately and this is why...

Well firstly because my Fan club members have been completely spoiling me lately with gifts and tips and long shows! Itâs a lot more relaxed environment and we can chat privately about our lives/hobbies/sexual fantasies. We share a lot and become very close. Every time I come online I do an exclusive members only show, and this could be up to 2-3 hrs long sometimes. Usually around 30-45 mins. We always chat and catch up and I always have lots of orgasms! Sometimes we play games or I dress up or dance or do a mass JOI, sometimes we just relax. We are always thinking of new ideas too!

I have a lot of videos and professional photos to look at also!

Come and join the fun. My Fan Club is number 3 most popular as I write this. Thanks to all my amazing members!
Thursday 20th September Date: Sep 21st @ 1:56am EDT
So much has been happening lately that I have forgotten to update this blog and now I have forgotten some of what has happened in the last week. I know it has been amazing though, with my fans spoiling me. I have made some new fans and I am enjoying getting to know them. Tonight was one of my most successful nights on cam, 6th most successful I think. Thanks so much for the extra special treatment. I wore my new Thigh high boots and they looked very sexy. I was spoiled tonight with a good tongue fucking and tips and orgasms galore!

An English friend of mine who I am only just getting to know spoiled me with a fortune in Tips! To say thanks I took him into Fan Club and rode his cock.
Rating 4 Stars

An old friend who is very dear tome also spoiled me tonight, he usually helps me behind the scenes when I am offline and calls me on my FlirtPhone. Tonight he spoiled me with tips and took me private for a good fuck, he tells me what he is going to do me and loves me acting like a slut. We both came together!
RATING 3.5 Stars

Another dear friend decided to over spend his budget tonight to treat me to loads of hands free orgasms. He knows I have become addicted to them and knows exactly how to make me alive with pleasure. He really exceeded my expectations tonight.
RATING 4.5 Stars
Wednesday 12th September Date: Sep 13th @ 2:28am EDT
Tonight was another great night, I seem to be miss popular at the moment with everyone wanting to see what Im all about. I am so impressed with the amount of different people spoiling me at the moment. Thanks so much to all the new guys who I now have to keep me company when I am online.

Tonight started like many other nights, Being spoiled with tips through my OhMiBod to make me cum, this has become an addictive obsession with my fans which i am totally cool with, its the least effort I have ever had to put in to cum!
RATING 4 Stars

I also got totally spoiled tonight and taken into a really long pvt show where the gentleman asked me to get my Flirt Phone and leave the computer and all the bright lights and just go and sit in my favorite place and chat to him the whole time. wow what a luxury experience.

I am really enjoying being worshiped and adored.

A funny thing happened tonight. A gentleman asked me if I could pee for him into a glass in pvt. I replied 'sure, give me a 500 credit Tip and I will set up, drink loads of water etc and let you know when i'm ready' He did NOT listen to me and took me straight into the private show, dumped 500 credits on me and said 'ok pee, see what you can do'.
I had just gone before during my lunch break so thats why i asked him to let me prepare. I stood there for 10 mins trying to squeeze one out for him on demand but it was not happening! A note to all you gents in future, please let me prepare for something like that. I cant just pee or Squirt on Demand like a machine.

I really enjoyed tonight and all the different things you are getting me involved with in private shows.
Sunday 9th September Date: Sep 10th @ 4:35am EDT
Wow. Another amazing few hours I got to spend with you. There is almost too much to write about, Im sure ill forget things like I seem to have lately. Im just having so much fun with you all.

As usual my Fan Club members spoiled me and showered me with gifts to worship my beautiful body.

I decided I wanted to make as many guys as I could cum tonight but I dont like giving too much of myself away too cheaply so I thought a group chat would be the perfect way to create a mass orgasm under my control. It was so much fun giving the guys instructions on what to do and when to cum. Knowing I had control over their orgasm and knowing they were all doing the same thing made me so wet. I gave them 5 mins to cum and they had to tip me if they didnt cum! 12 birds with 1 stone.

I had an amazing long fuck session with my dear friend and he treated me to even more hands free orgasms through my OhMiBod. I am so lucky! He also spoiled me in all my party chats today!
RATING 4.5 Stars

I had to humiliate a guy in a private show who thought his cock would impress me! I sent him away after and told him to come back with more time for me, he called me his Queen but I told him he has no right for that talk yet!

Me and one of my oldest fans had a quick fuck tonight and both got off in 7 mins, not our record but when we are horny we are like 2 dirty root rats!
RATING 2.5 Stars

Also tonight I spent time with my Cucumber loving friend who hasnt come and see me for ages, i told him I didnt have any cucumbers tonight but he was happy to just fuck me :) He actually fucked me for longer than he has before...woooo
Rating 2 Stars

I got to also spend private time tonight with 2 other dear friends who I absolutely adore and always treat me well.

Thanks to everyone else who I may not have mentioned, all your credits added together gave me an amazing night! I am a very lucky lady.
Domination Date: Sep 8th @ 11:07pm EDT
Domination - Saturday 8th September Date: Sep 8th @ 10:59pm EDT
Tonight I spent an hour getting my body totally worshipped under my own control. He is a good boy and has let me tease him for a week, keeping him from cumming while I teased him intensely. I decided I was going to let him cum tonight but I didnt tell him that yet. I love it when he pays me tips in the thought that I may let him cum and then I deny him. Total power on my part! I make him worship my body and pay to worship each part separately. I would never let him see me naked. He doesn�t deserve that. I told him exactly what I wanted him to do to his cock as he worshipped my perfect body the closer he got he was worried that I would make him stop, so I did. Haha. He had to pay me a lot to let him cum , I made sure he was almost there so I would definitely get my money. He came so hard like a fountain all over the place. Pathetic.

Rating 1 Star

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